Articles | Volume 1, issue 1
19 Sep 2007
19 Sep 2007

EuCLIS – a web based European climate information system

P. Bissolli

Abstract. The German Meteorological Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst) is presently developing a European climate information system (EuCLIS) which is presented here. The aim of this system is to distribute climate monitoring information of the area of the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) Region VI (Europe and the Middle East) via the web. EuCLIS will be the successor of the already existing platform GCMP (Generate Climate Monitoring Products) which emerged from a project of the ECSN (European Climate Support Network). Climate monitoring information can be all kind of maps, diagrams and texts describing the variability of climate variables in space and time. It can be provided by the public national meteorological and hydrological services of all countries of the WMO Region VI. The main advantage is to have one common efficient climate monitoring distribution system for the whole Region, but the individual meteorological and hydrological services have the possibility to administrate their products on their own. EuCLIS considers the WMO metadata standard and modern web portal technology. In an advanced state, EuCLIS is intended to be used as a platform for a function of a Regional Climate Centre for Climate Monitoring which is currently planned at the WMO.