Articles | Volume 11, issue 1
15 May 2014
 | 15 May 2014

Numerical models sea surface wind compared to scatterometer observations for a single Bora event in the Adriatic Sea

F. De Biasio, M. M. Miglietta, S. Zecchetto, and A. della Valle

Abstract. We compare the sea surface wind fields forecasted by a Global Circulation Model (GCM) and three Limited Area Models (LAMs) in an operational-like set-up, with the wind remotely sensed by the NASA QuikSCAT scatterometer. The comparison is performed for a single case of Bora wind in the Adriatic Sea, with the purpose to understand the ability of the model forecasts in reproducing the mesoscale features captured by the scatterometer, and to investigate on the suitability of LAM and GCM forecasts as possible forcing in storm surge models (SSMs). The performance is evaluated by means of statistical parameters regarding wind speed and direction showing that, at least in terms of classical statistical parameters, the GCM offer the most advantageous choice in terms of cost/benefit.