Articles | Volume 14
27 Jul 2017
 | 27 Jul 2017

The smoothing effect for renewable resources in an Afro-Eurasian power grid

Maria Krutova, Alexander Kies, Bruno U. Schyska, and Lueder von Bremen

Abstract. Renewable power systems have to cope with highly variable generation. Increasing the spatial extent of an interconnected power transmission grid smooths the feed-in by exchange of excess energy over long distances and therefore supports renewable power integration. In this work, we investigate and quantify the balancing potential of a supergrid covering Europe, Africa and Asia. We use ten years of historical weather data to model the interplay of renewable generation and consumption and show that a pan-continental Afro-Eurasian supergrid can smooth renewable generation to a large extent and reduce the need for backup energy by around 50 %. In addition, we show that results for different weather years vary by up to approximately 50 %.