Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
15 Apr 2009
 | 15 Apr 2009

Operational generation of AVHRR-based cloud products for Europe and the Arctic at EUMETSAT's Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM-SAF)

F. Kaspar, R. Hollmann, M. Lockhoff, K.-G. Karlsson, A. Dybbroe, P. Fuchs, N. Selbach, D. Stein, and J. Schulz

Abstract. The Satelite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring has implemented a new processing environment for AVHRR-based climate monitoring products. AVHRR measurements from NOAA-17, NOAA-18 and MetOp-A are utilized to generate daily and monthly means of several cloud parameters for Europe and the Inner Arctic: Cloud fraction, cloud types, cloud phase, cloud top height, cloud optical thickness and cloud liquid water path.