Articles | Volume 3, issue 1
18 May 2009
 | 18 May 2009

Assessment of dispersion parameterizations through wind data measured by three sonic anemometers in a urban canopy

L. Mortarini, E. Ferrero, R. Richiardone, S. Falabino, D. Anfossi, S. Trini Castelli, and E. Carretto

Abstract. One year of continuous wind and turbulence measurements at three levels (5, 9 and 25 m) on a mast located in the suburb of the city of Turin were collected. Those recorded during April 2007 are analyzed and their main characteristics are presented and discussed. The analysis includes, at each level, mean, standard deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis for the 3-D wind components and sonic temperature. The integral time scales for the 3-D wind components are also computed and friction velocity and Monin-Obukhov length are determined as well. In particular, the wind standard deviation profiles as a function of stability are compared to the literature predictions for flat undisturbed terrain. It is found that, while the vertical component agrees reasonably well, the horizontal components deviate from the prescribed values, as expected considering the buildings and other obstacles effects and the high percentage of low-wind conditions. Also the integral time scales, estimated by the autocorrelation functions, are compared to the literature predictions, finding significant differences, again attributed to the low-wind speed occurrences.