Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
12 May 2011
 | 12 May 2011

Effects of the climate change on regional ozone dry deposition

E. Kolozsi-Komjáthy, R. Mészáros, and I. Lagzi

Abstract. This impact study investigates connections between the regional climate change and the tropospheric ozone deposition over different vegetations in Hungary due to the possible changes of atmospheric and environmental properties. The spatial and temporal variability of the dry deposition velocity of ozone was estimated for different time periods (1961–1990 for reference period and two future scenarios: 2021–2050 and 2071–2100). Simulations were performed with a sophisticated deposition model using the RegCM regional climate model results as an input. We found a significant reduction of the ozone deposition velocities during summer months, which predicts less ozone damage to the vegetation in the future. However elevated ozone concentration and changed plant physiology can compensate the effect of this reduction.