Articles | Volume 6, issue 1
09 Mar 2011
 | 09 Mar 2011

WegenerNet climate station network region Feldbach, Austria: network structure, processing system, and example results

T. Kabas, A. Leuprecht, C. Bichler, and G. Kirchengast

Abstract. The WegenerNet climate station network is a pioneering weather and climate observation experiment at very high resolution in southeastern Austria. The network comprises 151 meteorological stations within a limited area of approximately 20 km × 15 km centered near the town of Feldbach. Measurements include the parameters air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation amount, and others at selected stations (e.g. wind and soil parameters). The temporal sampling is 5 min except 30 min sampling of soil measurements. All data pass a Quality Control System and the provided data products include station data (~1.4 km × 1.4 km grid) and gridded data (1 km × 1 km and 0.01° × 0.01° grids) on various temporal scales (from 5 min to annual). For application purposes all data are available in near real time (data latency less than 1–2 h in standard operation) via the WegenerNet data portal (