Articles | Volume 10, issue 1
16 Jan 2013
 | 16 Jan 2013

Sensitivity of the RMI's MAGIC/Heliosat-2 method to relevant input data

C. Demain, M. Journée, and C. Bertrand

Abstract. Appropriate information on solar resources is very important for a variety of technological areas. Based on the potential of retrieving global horizontal irradiance from satellite data, an enhanced version of the Heliosat-2 method has been implemented at the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium to estimate surface solar irradiance over Belgium from Meteosat Second Generation at the SEVIRI spatial and temporal resolution. In this contribution, sensitivity of our retrieval scheme to surface albedo, atmospheric aerosol and water vapor contents is investigated. Results indicate that while the use of real-time information instead of climatological values can help to reduce to some extent the RMS error between satellite-retrieved and ground-measured solar irradiance, only the correction of the satellite-derived data with in situ measurements allows to significantly reduce the overall model bias.