Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
22 Apr 2015
 | 22 Apr 2015

User awareness concerning feedback data and input observations used in reanalysis systems

H. Gregow, P. Poli, H. M. Mäkelä, K. Jylhä, A. K. Kaiser-Weiss, A. Obregon, D. G. H. Tan, S. Kekki, and F. Kaspar

Abstract. A web-based survey to assess the benefits and gaps in reanalyses as part of growing climate services was carried out in 2013–2014. The survey elicited responses from about 2500 users of climate information. One of the eleven survey points specifically addressed the observations used in reanalysis, with a multiple-choice question "Have you used reanalysis input observations and feedback data?". Almost half of the respondents admitted to not knowing what such data were about. Among the others, specific queries asked for these observations to be made available more openly. This paper summarizes the main findings in regard to use of existing reanalyses as well as user awareness and needs in regard to reanalysis feedback data and input observations. In the future, the information obtained via the survey makes it possible to perform various statistically robust analyses addressing different aspects of the use of reanalysis data.

Short summary
Many users of climate information are unaware of the availability of reanalysis feedback data and input observations, and uptake of feedback data is rather low. The most important factors limiting the use of this data is that the users feel that there is no easy interface to get the data or they do not find it at all. The relevant communities should invest resources to develop tools and provide training to bridge the gap between current capabilities and comprehensive exploitation of the data.