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08 Jun 2018
 | 08 Jun 2018

Bias adjustment for threshold-based climate indicators

Peter Hoffmann, Christoph Menz, and Arne Spekat

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Heike Huebener, Peter Hoffmann, Klaus Keuler, Susanne Pfeifer, Hans Ramthun, Arne Spekat, Christian Steger, and Kirsten Warrach-Sagi
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 261–269,,, 2017
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The adjustment of bias, i.e., systematic errors, of climate models are a necessity when comparing results of an ensemble of these models. Usually, the meteorological parameters such as temperature or rainfall amounts themselves are subject to bias adjustments. We present a new method to apply bias adjustment to so-called climate indicators which are derived from those parameters, e.g., the number of days warmer than 30 °C or the number of days with more than 20 mm of rain.