Articles | Volume 18
15 Mar 2021
 | 15 Mar 2021

Climate risk services for cereal farming

Anne Gobin, Nicoletta Addimando, Christoph Ramshorn, and Karl Gutbrod

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Preface: Remote sensing, modelling-based hazard and risk assessment, and management of agro-forested ecosystems
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Spatial indicators for desertification in southeast Vietnam
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ORCHIDEE-SRC v1.0: an extension of the land surface model ORCHIDEE for simulating short rotation coppice poplar plantations
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Agricultural production is largely determined by weather conditions during the crop growing season. Weather events such as frosts, droughts or heat stress during crop growth and development helps explain yield variability of common arable crops. We developed a methodology and visualisation tool for risk assessment, and tested the workflow for drought and frost risk. The methodology can be extended to other extreme weather events and their impacts on crop growth in different regions of the world.