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17 Jun 2021
 | 17 Jun 2021

Full flowering phenology of apple tree (Malus domestica) in Pūre orchard, Latvia from 1959 to 2019

Gunta Kalvāne, Zane Gribuste, and Andis Kalvāns

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Long-term phenological data set of multi-taxonomic groups, agrarian activities, and abiotic parameters from Latvia, northern Europe
Gunta Kalvāne, Andis Kalvāns, and Andris Ģērmanis
Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 4621–4633,,, 2021
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The Pūre orchard is one of the biggest and oldest apple orchards in the Baltic. We have digitized the full flowering phenological data of apple trees over the period of 1959 to 2019. Described changes in full-flowering time: apple trees all 17 varieties have begun to flower earlier. We tested three sets of meteorological data in phenological model to develop better-quality phenological predictions. As ongoing and predicted climate change has had and will have a significant impact on agriculture