Articles | Volume 19
10 Oct 2022
 | 10 Oct 2022

Downscaled climate change scenarios for Central America

Jorge Tamayo, Ernesto Rodriguez-Camino, Alfonso Hernanz, and Sara Covaleda

Data sets

Data and institutional website developed by Ramos-Calzada, P., Amblar-Frances, P., Serrano de la Torre, A., Herrero, M., Hernanz, A., Sanchís-Lladó, J., Pastor-Saavedra, M. A., Villarino-Barrera, J. I., Abia-Llera, I., Garrido del Pozo, N., and Rodriguez-Camino, E.: Escenarios de Cambio Climático para Centroamérica [Climate Change Scenarios for Central America] Comité Regional de Recursos Hídricos - Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (CRRH-SICA)

Short summary
There has been developed for Central America downscaled climate change scenarios using the same methodology, that allows a joint analysis for the whole region. The high number of simulations improves the situation prior to the start of the action, where each country had a limited number of projections that differed in terms of background information, methodology and resolution. A web based viewer allows consultations and download on 37 different climatic variables and derived indices.