Articles | Volume 20
20 Mar 2023
 | 20 Mar 2023

Maximizing the potential of numerical weather prediction models: lessons learned from combining high-performance computing and cloud computing

Paraskevi Vourlioti, Stylianos Kotsopoulos, Theano Mamouka, Apostolos Agrafiotis, Francisco Javier Nieto, Carlos Fernández Sánchez, Cecilia Grela Llerena, and Sergio García González

Data sets

Thredds catalog Grapevine's THREDDS server

Short summary
By facilitating the execution of agriculture-related models in cloud and HPC this works demonstrated new features that allow the improvement of the involved processes in terms of technology combination. The technology pillars of this work follow the paradigm of European Union's initiative, Destine Earth (DE). Lesson learned in all three components (HPC, NWP, Cloud) of the developed data driven service are described and pathways for the creation of operational services are discussed.