Articles | Volume 16
08 Apr 2019
 | 08 Apr 2019

Using the ECMWF OpenIFS model and state-of-the-art training techniques in meteorological education

Gabriella Szépszó, Victoria Sinclair, and Glenn Carver

Data sets

OpenIFS reference case studies G. Szépszó and G. Carver

OpenIFS Meteorological Evaluation G. Szépszó

Short summary
The OpenIFS programme of ECMWF maintains a version of the ECMWF forecast model for use in education and research at universities, national meteorological services and other institutes. Application of OpenIFS as a training tool is wide ranging. The OpenIFS user meetings and training events demonstrate advanced and easy-to-use graphical tools and training technologies, e.g. OpenIFS and Metview “virtual machines”. This paper shows the education activity in the OpenIFS programme with some examples.