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11 Jun 2019
 | 11 Jun 2019

Raindrop shapes and fall velocities in “turbulent times”

Merhala Thurai, Michael Schönhuber, Günter Lammer, and Viswanathan Bringi

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Raindrop fall velocity in turbulent flow: an observational study
Merhala Thurai, Viswanathan Bringi, Patrick Gatlin, and Mathew Wingo
Adv. Sci. Res., 18, 33–39,,, 2021
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Retrieval of lower-order moments of the drop size distribution using CSU-CHILL X-band polarimetric radar: a case study
Viswanathan Bringi, Kumar Vijay Mishra, Merhala Thurai, Patrick C. Kennedy, and Timothy H. Raupach
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 4727–4750,,, 2020
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Raindrop fall velocities from an optical array probe and 2-D video disdrometer
Viswanathan Bringi, Merhala Thurai, and Darrel Baumgardner
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 11, 1377–1384,,, 2018
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Raindrop shapes and fall velocities are presented for two high-wind/turbulent events. Results show strong gusts, directional wind shifts and/or inferred high turbulence intensity are correlated with reduced fall speeds, reaching values ~ 25–30 % less than the expected values, i.e. sub-terminal fall speeds. Significant percentage of asymmetric drops deviating from the most probable ax-isymmetric shapes was also detected during high turbulent intensities.