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23 Aug 2023
 | 23 Aug 2023

Recent improvements in the E-OBS gridded data set for daily mean wind speed over Europe in the period 1980–2021

Jouke H. S. de Baar, Linh Nhat Luu, Gerard van der Schrier, Else J. M. van den Besselaar, and Irene Garcia-Marti

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Spatial regression of multi-fidelity meteorological observations using a proxy-based measurement error model
Jouke H. S. de Baar, Irene Garcia-Marti, and Gerard van der Schrier
Adv. Sci. Res., 20, 49–53,,, 2023
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In this work, we present the most recent updates in the E-OBS gridded data set for daily mean wind speed over Europe. The data set is provided as an ensemble of equally likely realisations. In addition, we make a preliminary study into possible causes of the observed terrestrial wind stilling effect, such as local changes in surface roughness length. As one of the results, we do observe a terrestrial wind stilling effect, however, the trend varies locally over Europe.